Irrigation and Drainage


Are you tired of dragging hoses around your yard to water your lawn, trees, bushes, or flowers?

We can help with that! We install sprinkler systems! We can design a system that specifically fits the needs of your yard and landscape. We install systems for residential and commercial properties. All systems will be equipped with a control box that can be set to your personal needs. When designing irrigation systems, we carefully select what size pipes should be used to allow proper water pressure and flow. The right type of sprinkler heads for each specific application is also very important. Drip irrigation in flower beds can be a great option for some properties.

Do you have an irrigation system in need of repair?

We can do that too! JALA Enterprises is equipped to handle irrigation repairs such as: fixing broken sprinkler heads, leaky or broken valves, and broken pipes.


Do you have drainage problems?

Maybe standing water in your yard or are your gutter down spouts are washing away your flower beds or yard?

We can help! We can put drainage systems into your yard or maybe your yard just needs to be regraded a little bit. It is important that your gutter down spouts are properly directed away from your foundation. If they are washing away dirt around your foundation it can cause problems. When gutter down spouts wash away your flower beds, it is not good and does not add to the aesthetics of your landscape. We can put underground piping to help get the water from your gutter down spouts away from your house and any other objects that it could harm.

Let JALA Enterprises Solve Your Irrigation and Drainage Needs!